Petrogaz Equipement

Basket filters

Basket filters offer a higher filtration capacity than Y Strainers and
temporary filters.
They can be used continuously, as long as they are cleaned and maintained properly.

Basket filters are available as standard and can be designed and manufactured to meet your specific needs.

The basket filter is used for the protection of pumps, nozzles, valves, valves …

The installation of a basket filter guarantees the protection of the equipment by the elimination of suspended particles in potentially damaging fluids.

The standard version is built in accordance with the ASME Code Section VIII, Division 1. The versions available under this standard are ANSI B 31.4, ANSI B 31.3 and ANSI B 31.8.

The materials used : from carbon steel with various grades of stainless steel (304,304L, 316, 316L) and exotic high-performance materials such as fiberglass reinforced plastic (GRP).
We can customize from coarse perforated sheet metal filtration for temporary filters to fine filtration (up to 20μm) using wire mesh (reps, square mesh or sintered).

The sizes of our filter elements vary from 1/2″Nb (15 mm) to 48″NB (1200 mm).

We supply our basket filters with ANSI Flanges or DIN Flanges. We have the design capabilities and manufacturing facilities to meet your filtration needs.

Optimized bodies, designed to withstand high flow and low pressure drop. With optional quick opening mechanism.

We offer customized basket strainers according material and fineness of filtration of your choice. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any specific request