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Y-Type Strainers – Sieve Filters

Y-type filters are the most common and economical type of filter for permanent use, suitable for mounting in horizontal and vertical pipelines.
To avoid problems related to pressure drop, our Y filters have wider bodies and a larger filtration surface.


Regarding the flange faces of our Y strainers, we adjust upon requests: standard flanges (according to ASME B16.5, RF type or RTJ) from 150 LB to 1500 LB in the following materials and sizes:

  • Carbon Steel Filter – Cast Carbon Steel (ASME SA216 WCB): 1/2″ to 12″
  • Stainless Steel Filter – Cast Stainless Steel (ASME SA351 CF8M): 1/2″ to 10″


Available in Cast L.T.C.S (ASME SA352 LCB/LCC) : ½ » to 10” Class 600LB

We can also customize following your requirements in terms of:

  • Pressure ranges, including ASME 600LB to 2500LB and API 10,000
  • Additional tests such as MPI control and ferrite rate control, radiography can be performed
  • Special finishes by painting, oxygen degreasing can be performed
  • Exotic and non-standard material ranges: fiberglass reinforced plastics (GRP)


ASME B16.5


Below are some examples of major applications of Y-type filters:

  • Protection of pumps, rotating machinery
  • Protection of meter flow rates
  • Valve and regulator protection
  • Instrumentation and protection of auxiliary piping equipment
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