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different types of temporary filters.

These filters are designed for “temporary” or short periods of operation, such as during commissioning and initial start-up periods of new or reconditioned process lines. Filters provide the simplest and most effective means of protection to treat pipeline systems for the removal and retention of damaging and harmful contaminations such as debris, chips, fibers, canning, rags, welding electrodes, rust, etc. accidentally or inevitably present in the system.
After a nominal period of operation, they are usually replaced by a permanent filtration of a finer retention such as offered with Y-Type filters.


Conical strainers are mainly used for liquid/solid separation. We offer conical filters for liquid or gas applications (LNG, Oxygen, oils, wastewater…).

Custom-made filters :

The sizes of our filter elements range from 1/2″Nb (15 mm) to 48″NB (1200 mm) with pressure designs up to 600LB as standard and particular ones up to 2500LB.

We also customize to specific requirements to meet the needs of our customers.

Regarding flange faces, we ajust to all requests : standard flanges (according to ASME B16.5, EN1092, RF or RTJ type). Many options can be added: handles, marking, fixing for lifting eye, reinforcements rings…

Filtres temporaires - Pétrogaz Équipement
Filtres temporaires - Pétrogaz Équipement
Filtres temporaires - Pétrogaz Équipement

Our range of filtration systems offers solutions to many industrial filtration challenges.

T-Type Strainer

150, 300 and 600RF Series T-Strainers

Our T-type strainers havethe following characteristics:

  • Mechanically welded assemblies (T + steel flanges), stainless steel or carbon steel materials
  • Graphite stainless steel spiral joints
  • B8M Stainless Steel Bolts or B7/2H Carbon Steel
  • Sieve wire mesh, stainless steel, filtration from 50 to 800 microns reinforced by perforated stainless steel sheet
Filtres temporaires en T - Pétrogaz Équipement
Filtres temporaires en T - Pétrogaz Équipement
Filtres temporaires en T - Pétrogaz Équipement

Our temporary filters are manufactured in France according to ASME B16.5 standards with acceptance certificate EN 10204 type 3.1 upon request.

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