Petrogaz Equipement

Petrogaz Equipement


We supply high quality custom cast/or welded industrial filters in every materials according to your specifications.

Our range of industrial filters

Temporary filters

Conical and T-Strainers are designed for “temporary” or short operating periods, such as commissioning and initial start-up periods of new or reconditioned process lines.

Y Strainers - Sieve filters

Type Y Strainers are the most common and economical type of filter for permanent filtering of gases, vapor and liquids. They are suitable for mounting in horizontal and vertical pipelines and for applications where the fluid does not have large concentrations of solid particles.

Basket filters

Basket filters offer a higher filtration capacity than Y- Type and temporary filters. High capacity with reduced pressure loss in gas and liquid filtration, increasing maintenance intervals.

Cartridge filters

Cartridge filters are used to remove small solid particles from gases and liquids. Filtration grades from 1 micron (0.001 mm) and removal efficiency of 99.9%.

Demisters & Coalescers

Demisters Mist eliminators allow to separate very effectively the fine droplets carried by gases or vapors, or in a boiling or vacuum evaporation phase.

Coalescing filters are one of the most effective solutions for separating oils of different types from the air or water streams subjected to filtration.