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Demisters & Coalescers - Petrogaz Équipement


The DEMISTER® fog eliminator is a knitted YORKMESH mesh assembly that is supported by high open area grids.

DEMISTER mist eliminators are manufactured in all sizes and shapes from a wide range of materials, metallic and non-metallic/plastic.

Stainless and exotic steels are fully annealed to provide maximum corrosion resistance.

Based on years of real factory performance, our engineers use special families of mesh styles for particular equipment and processes to meet customers’ efficiency requirements.

Operation of a DEMISTER® mist eliminator:

1. A stream of steam carrying droplets of liquid in suspension passes through a DEMISTER PAD. The steam moves freely through the knitted stitch.

2. The inertia of the droplets causes them to come into contact with the wire surfaces and merge.

3. The large fused droplets formed in the mesh, finally flow and fall to the bottom of the container.

The comparative pressure drop of several DEMISTER® mist eliminators in an air-water system under atmospheric conditions.


  • Easy to install in all process equipment
  • Cost-effective solution when sizes are defined by other requirements
  • High efficiency with low pressure drop
  • Emergency delivery available
  • Wide variety of materials available
Demisters & Coalescers - Petrogaz Équipement
Demisters & Coalescers - Petrogaz Équipement
Demisters & Coalescers - Petrogaz Équipement
Demisters & Coalescers - Petrogaz Équipement


Consisting of liquid-liquid and liquid-gas phase separators: the fluid passes over a bed with graduated porosity to fuse the particles of their initial microscopic size until they form droplets that detach by gravity.

If the density of the fluid to be separated is greater than that of the carrier medium, the collector is located in the lower part of the filter body. Otherwise, the collection chamber is located in the upper part of the body.

Their excellent separation and filtration performance (99.9%) and their ability to adapt in flow make the coalescers ideal for many applications, for the separation of free or emulsified water.

They have special applications for the protection of gas turbines.

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